When you’re selling a home in Jacksonville, it makes sense to want it to sell quickly and at the best possible price – and one of the best ways to ensure that happens is to stage it properly.

While you can hire a professional home stager, you don’t always need to. These are five things you can do to make sure your home is beautifully staged to sell:

  • Use mirrors to your advantage
  • Replace or remove furnishings
  • Give your bathrooms a spa makeover
  • Make minor upgrades
  • Just add water (to plants)

5 Amazing Staging Tips From the Pros

Before you can begin staging your home, you need to make sure it’s spotlessly clean, decluttered and depersonalized. When potential buyers come in, they want to see that the home is clean and easy to maintain – and it’s your job to make it look that way.

Clutter should be next on the chopping block, because it makes any space appear smaller. A good rule of thumb: Your counters and other surfaces should be as empty as possible, and if you haven’t used something in 6 months (even if you store it in a cupboard), it’s time to pack, sell or donate it. Finally, depersonalizing the house means taking down or putting away things that make it uniquely yours. Prospective buyers want to envision their belongings in your space, but they can’t do that when your personal effects are everywhere.

After that’s done, you can dive into these five staging tips.

#1: Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors add depth, light and even the illusion of more space to any room. Position them next to or directly across from windows to reflect natural light.

Pro tip: If you’ve removed personal décor from the walls, replace it with a mirror.

#2: Replace or Remove Furnishings

Remove many of the furnishings in your home.  You want to make the space appear as large as possible, so take out chairs, tables and other items that interrupt traffic flow or make any room appear crowded.

If you have furniture that’s outdated or worn, remove it and put it in storage, or donate it.

#3: Give Your Bathrooms a Spa Makeover

Prospective buyers want beautiful bathrooms. look with kitchens, bathrooms are the make-or-break rooms when it comes to selling a home. While you don’t have to do a complete update, make sure that you do remove all your toiletries from the counter and replace them with a decorative tray, candles or a basket filled with rolled towels.

Pro tip: Buy new towels that you won’t use until you move into your new home. Put them away when prospective buyers leave.

#4: Make Minor Upgrades

Not all home upgrades pay off at the closing table. However, there are some improvements you can make that will really transform your home’s look. Think about adding new rugs, replacing dated light fixtures, or refinishing your hardwood floors.

#5: Just Add Water (to Plants)

Use live plants to your advantage. Adding beautiful green foliage near windows, a bouquet of flowers to the kitchen counter or a potted plant to the bathroom can make a tremendous impact on the way potential buyers feel about your home. Just make sure you dust and care for live plants between showings, and if you’re using cut flowers, be sure to change out the water and replace them as necessary.

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