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I was born and raised in a quiet country community called Mill Creek, just outside of St. Augustine. Here, my grandparents owned a small general store called Horton’s Grocery. Often times, strangers would stop in, sit down in a rocker to enjoy a glass bottled Coke and leave as a friend with an education about my family’s Minorcan roots. From the time I was old enough to talk, my sisters and I “worked” around the store. We thought it was just for fun, but really, we were learning all about customer service, hospitality and the importance of a firm handshake. The lessons didn’t stop in the store. My parents owned a roofing company, Mill Creek Roofing, where I learned customer service, permitting, building codes and inspection processes. My parents and grandparents have always been involved in property management and often bought and sold real estate. In the summers, my mom would put us to work rehabbing houses to re-sell or turn into rentals. It was hot hard work, but we all loved seeing the finished houses.So much has changed in St. Augustine since I was a child. Eckerd’s is no longer on the corner of San Marco. Shiver’s BBQ is gone. You can’t drive up to the Oyster Creek Bridge at dusk on the Fourth of July and expect to be able to park and see the fireworks. Even though so much has changed and developed over the years, St. Augustine’s core has remained the same. The Minorcan families may live a little further out of town, but they’re still around. I should know, because in 2013 I married one, Ernie Edwards. We have been blessed with two beautiful children and a life better than we deserve.We love the charm and character that St.Augustine has, but our favorite part is that hometown feel. I am blessed to be able to call St. Augustine my hometown I can’t wait to help you feel like a local!