Stephanie Hannon-Norwood

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Stephanie was born and raised in England where she graduated from University of Leeds in 2001 with high honors, earning a bachelors degree in European Studies. A passionate world traveler, writer, photographer and teacher, she has lived and worked in many countries around the world. In 2004 she became one of the founding volunteers of a cleanup operation in the wake of the catastrophic tsunami that struck Thailand. This lead to her move to Japan in 2005 where she worked as an English teacher at one of the most prestigious schools in Tokyo, as well as writing for The Japan Times and contributing to the most influential Japanese / English dictionary published in the country. In 2011 she founded her own highly successful online retail company selling rare, antique Japanese textiles to customers all over the world.This is where she began to hone her skills in online marketing and customer relations. During her time in Japan she also found her passion for fitness, training for and running the Tokyo Marathon twice. During her ten years living there she met her husband, Lee who is active duty in the US Navy. Together they moved to the United States in 2015 finally settling in Jacksonville, FL where Stephanie has found a home she loves. Here she creates online stores selling fine art and antiques. She is highly meticulous by nature and prides herself on being constantly active with professional projects. She enjoys beautiful cities, architecture, art, interiors and has an addiction to antique furniture. She loves being a mother to her very spirited baby boy and her lovable beagle hound dog, Richard. Her experiences have taught her never to miss an opportunity and that commitment to places and people will always bring success.