Our Mission is to Sell Your Home:

  • For the most money in the current market,
  • With as few problems as possible,
  • AQAP (As Quickly as Possible).

Establish an Appropriate Current Market Value

  • Our brokers and associates have extensive residential and commercial appraisal experience that helps us understand today’s market values.
  • We may recommend a pre-sale appraisal to create market influence. One of the biggest reasons a sale may fall through is if the property does not appraise.
  • We recommend requiring that a pre-approval letter (not a pre-qualification letter) be provided by any potential buyer.

Use Leading Edge Technology to Market Your Home

Matterport 3D Virtual Reality Marketing is relatively new technology but it is taking the real estate industry by storm. Studies show buyers spend over 12 minutes interacting with them. They weed out the looky loos and cultivate buyers into submitting better offers. They help reach buyers that might not otherwise look at the property because of distance or time constraints. This gives your home a 24/7 Open House. If a buyer wants to see your kitchen at 3am? They can. Zillow and Realtor.com track “time viewed” and rank properties based on popularity. THIS gives your property the boost that gets it qualified to show higher in their search engines. Open House retention is 100% compared to open houses without this technology. When they go home from a day out they use this to reinforce what they saw while they can’t recall the details like your property with this. Because of its auto play feature on facebook our marketing gets clicked, liked and shared more than any other type of media. More interaction like this means more people are seeing your property.

This is just one dimension of our marketing with 3D Virtual Reality Matterport Marketing. Reach out to learn all we do to help you sell quicker and for more.

Eliminate potential problems

  • Particularly with older homes, we recommend a presale inspection to identify any serious problems that can short-circuit a contract.
  • If you, the seller, purchased a home that was remodeled, or you remodeled an older home yourself, there may be issues caused by “short-cuts” that can cause HUGE problems. Contractors have been known to take short cuts in many important areas:

Things to Consider

  • Experienced
  • Community Matchmakers
  • Cutting Edge Marketing Plan With Latest Technology and Internet Branding
  • Professional
Their knowledge of the area and what was available for first time buyers make the process less stressful and kept more money in our pocket
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We knew it was time to sell but is has been years and didn’t know what to do. They used internet marketing and we saw what a difference it made versus what other agents were doing.
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